Micro Grants for Women/PLHIV in Asia Pacific

Micro Grants for Women/PLHIV in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific Region is home to more people living with HIV than any region outside sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately 23% of all global new HIV infections occur within Asia and the Pacific region. The estimated 300,000 new HIV infections in the region in 2022 represented only 14% reduction since 2010 and lagging behind the ending AIDS new infections target. There were approximately 6.5 million people living with HIV, of which 4.2 million were receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART). During the same year, there were 150,000 AIDS-related deaths. During 2022, approximately 83.6% of all new infections in the region occur via sexual transmission, with a further 4.5% occurring via vertical transmission – mostly subsequent to sexual transmission between parents. A large majority of women living with HIV come from communities which are already marginalized and discriminated against based on interrelated factors such as sex, gender identity, ethnicity, race and work. These factors intersect with the prejudice that women living with HIV face due to their HIV status, resulting in further discrimination and stigmatization.

Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APN+) and International Community of Women Living with HIV Asia Pacific (ICWAP) in partnership with the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA), we are pleased to announce this call for micro grant applications from by and for women/people living with HIV led organization in Asia Pacific region.

These micro grants are short term grants to enable network of Women/People living with HIV to support their work particularly in the area of Treatment – Advocacy – Awareness – Communication or Improving the quality life of people/women living with HIV. The primary objective of these micro grant’s “application” is to support community led organization by and for PLHIV in the areas where donors’ funds are not flexible to use yet they are important for community people. Micro grants are small amounts of money provided to organizations for specific projects or initiatives. The concept behind micro grants is to offer financial support to those who may not have access to traditional funding sources or who require only a modest amount of funding to kick-start their projects. We are offering these flexible grants to use in need based in align with above mentioned area to support grassroots initiatives, promoting entrepreneurship, empowering marginalized communities, or fostering creativity and innovation.

Therefore, we have minimal application requirement and criteria below:

  1. Must be led by and for women/people living with HIV organization (individual application are not accepted).
  2. Application must be submitted in English.
  3. Total 20 applications will be awarded with the amount of each AUD$ 1000.
  4. Application must be submitted by 22 May 2024 COB Bangkok time (application submitted after the deadline, will not accepted).
  5. Project implementation must start by 5 June 2024 and completed by 5 July 2024.
  6. Final announcement of successful application will be notified by 27 May 2024.

Overall, the micro grant concept is about providing accessible, flexible, and targeted support to empower organizations to turn their ideas into reality and make a positive impact in their communities. Decision will be made based on clear ideas of utilization these funds.

Technical panel will be establish to review applications and decision will be based on scoring from the independent panel.If you encounter any challenges for this application process you can reach out to or